Signs that you may need hip replacement surgery

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A painful hip can affect the quality of your life in numerous ways, including restricting your movement and preventing you from doing daily activities. Hip replacement surgery concerns the removal and supplanting of the hip system (the socket and femur head) because of disruption arising from the worn out system. The procedure enriches the quality of your life, and the following signs can help you determine if your hip symptoms may resurge and if it is time to replace it. However, it’s necessary to seek a physician’s opinion concerning the state of your hips if you keep experiencing any of these signs:


Are you having a hard time putting your shoes and socks on? If so, then this is an indication that your hip is stiff. Notably, if one leg is harder to manoeuvre compared to the other, it is time to see your physician for a hip examination. More importantly, if the issue keeps on persisting, seek medical advice from a trusted health care facility.

One leg test

You lose nothing by using a one leg test to establish if you can stand for one minute without supporting yourself. Ordinarily, you should be able to stand for more than one minute without support. If you are having difficulty doing this, then chances are you have a problem with your hip. Hence, you should visit a physician for a checkup.

Groin or hip pain

Discomfort experienced during and after light exercise that inhibits you from accomplishing your daily tasks is a sign that hip arthritis is resurging. The pain typically occurs in your knee and hip, however, if the pain keeps occurring in the direction of your ankle, then this is an indication you have a complication in your back.

When this occurs, usually an individual limps or uses a walking stick as a recompensing mechanism for the nagging pain. Other times you find yourself taking analgesics to relieve you from the pain. To find out if you’re a candidate for hip replacement surgery, contact Mr Arun Kumar today.

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