What are the long term benefits of an ACL reconstruction surgery?

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You may have recently experienced an ACL injury, requiring you to have an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction surgery. The long recovery period, however, can be off-putting to some patients, especially if you work in a demanding work environment. Below, we discuss why an ACL reconstruction surgery is your best option for long term benefit.

Restores full functionality to your knee

While there are alternative treatment options for ACL injuries, ACL reconstruction surgery is the most effective option for a full recovery. Options such as physiotherapy may provide significant recovery of knee functionality but are only good for a limited period. ACL tears cannot fully heal on their own and will require surgical intervention. An ACL reconstruction surgery replaces any torn tendon, helping you regain full knee functionality.

Cost efficiency

ACL reconstruction surgery also tends to be a cheaper option compared to other alternative forms of treatment. Given that it is a one-day procedure, all costs are paid upfront after completion of your procedure. Recovery costs are also kept to a minimum and will only require occasional physiotherapy sessions. Patients who choose nonsurgical treatments, on the other hand, end up paying for more due to the lengthy recovery period.

Reduced risk of future injuries

Since an ACL reconstruction surgery typically replaces a torn ACL with a tissue graft, you are assured of a healthy ligament going forward. This means a reduction in cartilage degeneration, allowing you to avoid any future knee injuries. You also get to keep osteoarthritis at bay, giving you more time to enjoy physical activities that excite you.

Successful recovery rates

Surgeries often come with risks and can result in second reconstruction procedures. ACL reconstruction surgery is, however, one of the few procedures that consistently record high successful recovery rates. It may be because it employs the minimally invasive knee arthroscopy surgery, meaning the risks of complications are few. This, therefore, makes it the most appropriate procedure for anyone looking for minimal interruptions in the foreseeable future.

To find out how you can get an ACL reconstruction surgery, get in touch with us today. We also specialise in hip surgery, patellofemoral joint disorders and other knee arthroscopy surgery needs.

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