Why would I need a revision knee replacement surgery?

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While a complete knee replacement surgery replaces damaged knee joints with new implants, revision knee replacement surgery only makes adjustments to previous implants. To get a better understanding of this surgery and why you might find yourself needing it, here are some of the reasons that can give rise to revision surgery.

Infection in the joint

Joint infections can occasionally occur after a partial or total knee replacement surgery and often involve bacteria affecting the implants. These infections can be treated with a revision knee replacement surgery, so be on the look-out for pain that results in stiffness, making it difficult to walk. If you also experience swelling in the knee or get a fever, visit your doctor for consultation.

Loose implants

The second reason that would result in a revision knee replacement surgery is loose implants. If you have had a partial knee replacement surgery, the structural integrity of the implants can often be compromised when erosion of the bone takes place due to friction. Wear and tear results, leading to an accumulation of debris around the knee joint. If this happens, you may experience stiffness and pain, so make sure to book an appointment with your orthopedic surgeon.

Knee instability

Knee instability occurs when the ligaments in your knees no longer hold your joints properly in position. The leading cause of this is fracturing, which leads to ligament injury. It is, however, essential to note that first-time injuries result in ACL reconstruction surgery, while fractures that occur in an already existing implant are the causes of a revision knee replacement surgery.

Recovery period

A revision knee replacement surgery takes longer than a standard total knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement since it is more complicated. The recovery period is also longer than the initial surgery and can take between 6 to 12 months. It is, therefore, crucial that you get in touch with a skilled surgeon for specialist care in revision knee replacement surgery. Contact Dr. Arun Kumar today for an appointment.

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