3 common myths around knee replacement surgery debunked

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For many people, problems with their knees can be a painful fact of life that soon gets tiresome. After a while, you may begin to wonder if partial knee replacement or total knee replacement surgery could help. Getting the right information is key to making any choice like this so you make the correct call. The problem is that knee surgery has a few common myths that aren’t always true but which could put you off.

Here are 3 of the most common to know about.

You have to be a certain age to have a knee replacement

This is a very common myth that is widely believed around the country. When you consider that wear and tear caused by age is behind a lot of knee issues, you can see why people think this. However, your age is not usually the deciding factor when deciding on knee replacement surgery. Many younger people undergo this procedure due to injury, illness which affects the knee or knee issues passed on through their genes. As the major aim of this surgery is to alleviate pain, improve mobility and give a better quality of life, it can be suitable for both the young and old.

It won’t feel natural when done

This is another common myth which is understandable in some ways. People think of having an artificial knee implanted into their body and automatically assume it can never feel like their normal one. While this might have been true to some extent many years ago, modern medicine has moved on a great deal. The innovative techniques and materials used now mean that any knee replacement surgery should feel natural with use, once the recovery period is over.

It is the last option to take

While you certainly do want to jump into this kind of surgery without speaking to a medical professional, it is not always a last resort. People still tend to think this though and assume knee replacements are the last roll of the dice after every other possibility is exhausted. Many times however, it may be the case that surgery is the best option to take earlier on in order to resolve your issue.

Full or partial knee replacement surgery in Manchester

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