4 ways to kickstart your recovery after a hip replacement

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Choosing to get hip replacement surgery is not an easy decision to make, but for the many who have had the surgery, it has been well worth it. If you struggle with mobility and stiffness, you’ve probably considered a hip replacement, but the recovery process seems long, daunting and painful. While it is an enduring procedure, there are ways you can get healthier quicker and speed up your recovery. If you’re curious about hip replacement or have surgery booked, and want to know how you can get moving quicker, then check out our 4 top tips for a speedy recovery…

1) Take time off work

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most fundamental elements of recovery. It is important to book enough time off work to be adequately recovered to return, and by adequately, we mean fully! Allow yourself a decent amount of time away from work, as rehabilitation following hip surgery can take up to three months. Keep in mind that a more labour intensive job will require more time away.

2) Prepare your home

Making sure your home is accessible during recovery is something you can start to look at now. An important factor to think about is the height of your day-to-day items, so make sure that anything you know you’ll need will be reachable. That’s why it’s a good tip to place things at waist height before your surgery so that you can access them without having to bend over. Friends and family are another key to recovery success! It will be important to have help, especially during the first weeks of being home, as cooking and cleaning will be difficult for you.

3) Diet

Diet is just as important in your recovery as it is in day-to-day health. It is important to not attempt weight loss but to fill your diet with nutrients which feed the body and help the healing process. It has been clinically proven that a full and healthy diet can help speed up recovery times.

4) Exercise

Most people might imagine that exercise is entirely banned following hip surgery, but this is not the case! While vigorous and energetic exercise will do more harm than good, it is recommended to engage in gentle, low impact workouts as well as physiotherapies. Good options are taking short walks in areas nearby or getting in a swimming pool to walk some laps.

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