Celebrities who have had hip surgery

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If you have hip surgery on the horizon, you might be feeling a little nervous and uncomfortable with the whole idea. If that is the case then it is important to remember you are not alone. Plenty of people have undergone hip surgery and gone on to have a wonderful quality of life.

Many of those patients are celebrities, who may seem like they are untouchable, but who have all gone under the knife. You might not be aware they have had surgery, but here are some leading lights who have had work done on their hips:

Lionel Richie

You might have missed that the popular singer has had hip surgery because he kept his hip replacement in 2011 a secret. He went under the knife at the age of 61 after suffering from hip and knee pain, and after recovering from the surgery he made himself out to be bionic! Since then he has gone on to tour the world again.

Katharine Hepburn

One of the most famous actresses in the world has also had a hip replacement. As with Richie, Hepburn kept her surgery a secret. She underwent treatment aged 67, and within a year was back starring in a movie alongside John Wayne, where she acted on horseback!

Billy Joel

The legendary singer had a double hip replacement back in 2010, claiming the cause of his troubles was due to the many years he had been jumping up and down on stage. Within three years of his surgery, he was back on the biggest stages in the world again.

Sir Andy Murray

It is not just stars of stage and screen who have successfully undergone hip replacement surgery. Tennis star Andy Murray was once reduced to tears courtside because he was in so much pain. He went under the knife in January 2019 and was back on the tennis court in June of the same year, winning his first title back a few months later, when many wondered if he would ever play again.

Just remember, while feeling a little uneasy is natural ahead of such a big operation, plenty of people from all walks of life have gone on and achieved greatness after surgery. Use these icons as your inspiration to live life even better than you did before going under the knife.

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