Hip arthroscopy: all you need to know

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Hip arthroscopy is a minimally intrusive surgical technique, by which it is achievable to look within the hip joint with the help of a fibre optic camera, and in many cases, perform a mixture of surgical procedures using that method. Once the telescope has been inserted, it is then possible to survey the joint and determine the state of specific issues and in most cases deal with the problem.

Conditions treated with hip arthroscopy

Loose bodies – Loose bits of bone or cartilage can sometimes appear in the joint due to a multitude of different reasons, and these can get trapped between the bone surfaces leading to discomfort. With the use of hip arthroscopy surgery, these can be removed.

Torn labrum – Sometimes, the labrum of the acetabulum can get torn and cause moments of acute pain within the hip and sometimes deliver the feeling of it giving way. The ripped part of the cartilage can be clipped back to healthy tissue.

The operation

Surgery is normally done under a common anaesthetic and tools are added into the hip joint after traction has been implemented. Normally, two or three incisions are done. After surgery, some patients can go home the same day and the postoperative recovery programme will be based on what kind of surgery has been done on the joint.

How mobile will I be following surgery?

Normally it will be essential to use crutches to bear half of the weight for 2-4 weeks post-surgery. The time will also depend on the certain type of surgery undertaken and to what extent the hip should be off-loaded through the initial recovery.

When can I return to work?

That will depend on the type of work and the commute as rehabilitation can be from 10 days up to at least six weeks. It additionally depends on how the hip feels when your full weight is on it, as this would be around the time that commuting to work will be easier.

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