Famous athletes who recovered from ACL reconstruction surgery

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It used to be the case that ACL reconstruction surgery would destroy an athlete’s career. Thankfully medical technology has moved on and players can now perform at the same level they did before the injury. Here, we look at a few instances where a player came back stronger than ever.

Tom Brady

The star quarterback is commonly referred to as the greatest player of all time. At the time of his injury, he had already won three Super Bowls and would have already been a “hall-of-famer”. His 2008 season was wiped out but with surgery, he was able to come back and win three more.

Ruud Van Nistelrooy

Van Nistelrooy was on the verge of signing for Manchester United when he was struck with an ACL injury. Instead of disrupting the move and ending his career, the Dutchman recovered and was able to win an incredible haul of trophies.

Jonathan Davies

The rugby player who was voted as Man of the Series in the 2017 Lions tour nearly didn’t have a career at all. He tore his ACL when he was just 18 but was able to recover. He since has gone on to have a memorable career with his injury troubles behind him.

Georges St-Pierre

Many doubted the UFC star when he tore his ACL. It was thought that he’d lose his edge and wouldn’t be able to come back as the same fighter. Instead, he returned victoriously thanks to an ACL reconstruction and his supreme talent.

Adrian Peterson

For an NFL running back, power and explosiveness are vital. When Peterson tore his ACL he probably wondered whether he’d lost his key assets. On his return, he showed just how much an athlete can recover from the surgery. He went on to have his best years and break records.

Sporting inspiration

Sport has been able to inspire people in many different ways over the years. These comebacks show just how effective an athlete can be after the surgery. It’s no longer something to fear but simply a means of restoring your body back to its former health.

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