Top 5 signs you may need hip replacement surgery

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Have you been struggling with consistent hip pain? It may be time you consider hip surgery. Below we list the top signs that you may need hip surgery…

1. Hip pain is preventing you from sleeping

It is essential we get enough sleep so the body has time to heal and repair itself. A lack of sleep is also strongly linked with poor mental health, as individuals find it hard to function without enough sleep. If you are struggling to sleep because of hip pain, it is time you speak to a specialist.

2. Medication or a cane isn’t providing relief

If taking pain relief medication or using a cane no longer alleviates your hip pain, it could be a sign your hip is getting worse. No one should have to live with persistent pain and if your pain is becoming stronger, it may be time for you to consider hip surgery.

3. Exercise makes your pain worse

While it’s natural we all feel a little stiff after exercise, if your hip is consistently hurting during and post-exercise, you should have a specialist look at your hip. The last thing you want is to ignore the pain to the point where you are no longer able to play your favourite sport or exercise regularly.

4. You feel as if your hip is ‘grating’

If you experience a grating or creaking sensation from your hip, it may be a sign you need a hip replacement. Sometimes, layers of cartilage surrounding the hip can break down, causing your bones to grind against one another. For this reason, you should seek specialist advice as soon as you notice a grating or grinding sensation in your hips.

5. Delayed hip pain

You may not be experiencing consistent hip pain, but if you are feeling delayed hip pain, you should still consider hip surgery. For example, if you feel pain a few days after exercise and it remains for a few days, this is an indication your hip needs specialist attention.

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