How hip arthroscopy surgery may help relieve hip pain

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As we age, many of us will experience some kind of hip pain. You may assume that this is just something that you need to live with, but the truth is that hip pain should not be something that is part of your everyday life. It can have a huge negative impact on the way you live, but hip arthroscopy surgery is one option that can help to assess, manage and even eradicate your hip pain. Below we explore in more detail how hip arthroscopy can help you.

Very few risks

The first point to mention is that hip arthroscopy is a very low-risk procedure. There is often less trauma to the surrounding muscle tissue and less risk of infection. There is also less scarring and minimal blood loss because of the small incisions. There is also less risk to surrounding nerves and blood vessels.

A minimally invasive procedure

Hip arthroscopy is very different to hip surgery, which requires a wide and large incision. Hip arthroscopy only involves a few incisions in which a scope can be inserted. This results in a shorter operating time and quicker recovery.

It may help diagnose the cause of pain

Hip arthroscopy surgery is not just about fixing problems as it can also identify any issues that are associated with the joint and muscles. It is used as a diagnostic tool when medications and physical therapy have failed to help.

It may eliminate your pain

There are a number of conditions that may be helped by hip arthroscopy, including femoroacetabular impingement and labral tears.

You may no longer need a hip replacement

When you have a hip deformity or have suffered a hip injury, having hip arthroscopy surgery may improve your hip health. This includes issues related to arthritis and degeneration of the hip cartilage, meaning that you may not need hip replacement surgery in the future.

If you live in the Manchester or Cheshire area and would like to know more about hip arthroscopy surgery and how we can you with your hip pain, please do get in touch with us today.

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