Ways to stay busy when recovering from knee arthroscopy surgery

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Knee arthroscopy surgery is a necessary procedure in many circumstances that’ll have extremely positive effects on your life. However, the recovery period can take weeks or even months, often leaving you with less mobility than usual for some time.

This can take its toll, especially if you’re used to leading a busy and active life. So, what can you do to keep yourself occupied during this period? Below, we’ve got some tips and advice to entertain you while on the road to recovery.

Discover new music

Listening to music can be extremely therapeutic and can aid your recovery. Use this time to listen to new artists and explore new genres. You might even find a new favourite.

Watch everything on your ‘list’

Most streaming services offer a list to save everything you want to watch. However, we rarely get around to watching one, let alone them all. Now’s a great time to catch up on some series and films you’ve been putting off.

Read novels or listen to audiobooks

Whether you enjoy reading long novels or prefer listening to them, you’ve got a lot of spare time on your hands right now. Order or download that long story you thought you’d never have time to finish.

Get out the board games

If you have someone at home to spend time with or have guests over, why not enjoy some of the board games you used to love? You’ve likely got some stored away that you haven’t played in ages. These can give you a lot of enjoyment and take your mind off the recovery process.

Solve some puzzles

If doing the daily crossword or solving sudokus is your idea of fun, why not buy a book full of puzzles to crack? Alternatively, many apps nowadays offer puzzles to solve and brain training to keep your mind active.

Keep a diary

Perhaps writing appeals to you. Keeping a diary of your day-by-day progress will be a great reminder of what you overcame in the future. It’ll also lift your spirits when you see how far you’ve come.

These are just a few ideas that can help you pass the days on the road to recovery. Get friends and family involved to enjoy yourself, and you’ll be better before you know it.

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