Will hip surgery affect my sex life?

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Before having hip surgery, pain can make the hip almost freeze. Sex can often hurt so the idea of being intimate is not a very exciting prospect.

If you have any worries about sexual activity after hip surgery, put them to bed. Hip replacement surgery can actually improve your sex life within 6-8 weeks of the procedure. By that time it is more than likely that the incisions and the muscles around the hip have healed.

Freedom to move

After a hip replacement, you should have more movement as long as the wound has healed. When it comes to healing, every patient is different so a gradual return to sexual activity is recommended. If in any doubt, talk to the surgeon or doctor about any concerns.

Avoid certain movements

Generally, there are no problems with having sexual intercourse after hip replacement surgery as long as a few guidelines are followed.

Try not to raise your knee above your hips.

Try not to move your knee across the middle of your body.

If the area around the hip becomes painful or starts to feel uncomfortable, stop what you’re doing. Rotating the knee out and away from the body is fine as long as there is no discomfort.

New hip – getting ready for sexual intimacy

Before sexual intimacy with your partner, here are a few tips to try to keep your new hip safe.

Do a few stretching exercises, slowly getting your hip used to movement. This will help to loosen up muscles and make sure there is no pain.

During sex, be careful about the speed and movement. Ask your partner not to put his or her full body weight on your hips.

If you need to support the hip joint, use a rolled-up towel or pillows to support your feet, legs or knees. When lying on your side, keep the side with the hip replacement on the bottom. Try out a few different positions to see what you’re most comfortable with and enjoy.

If you live in the Manchester or Cheshire area and want to find out more about hip replacement surgery, please get in touch with us today.

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