Keeping active after knee replacement surgery

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Knee and joint problems can affect anyone, even the most active amongst us. If you’ve been struggling with pain and a lack of mobility in one or both of your knees for some time, it’s not unusual to feel a bit frustrated and wonder if you’ll ever get back to your previous activity levels.

A new lease of life

Fortunately, even total knee replacement surgery doesn’t have to mean the end of physical activity. On the contrary, many patients who’ve had a knee replacement find that the surgery gives them a new lease of life, not just in everyday activities, but also in their health and fitness pursuits.

After having a knee replacement, it’s natural to experience some soreness and stiffness. However, if you’re used to pain, arthritis and other joint problems, you’re likely to be no stranger to discomfort in your knees. The good news is that, following a total or partial knee replacement, your pain and mobility problems should gradually improve, allowing you to get back to your physical activities over time with minimal discomfort.

Low impact activities

After the initial recovery period, you’ll be able to start with some gentle, low-impact exercise. Once any stitches and open wounds have healed, swimming is an ideal choice for making a gradual return to exercise. By taking the weight off your joints and allowing for gentle, supported movement, swimming can help to relax your joints and build mobility, ready to get back to other activities.

Getting back on form

Once you’re ready to build up to some more intensive activities, rowing and cycling are excellent, low-impact activities, which can help you stay fit, whilst protecting your new knee joints. If you’re a passionate runner, some caution is needed. Running is a particularly high impact activity and can be very tough on the knees, so when you feel able to take on more intensive exercise, it’s important to discuss with your surgeon or doctor whether running is suitable and safe for you.

Making the most of life after surgery

If you’re a fitness fan, or are worried about being unable to work out after knee replacement surgery, then fear not. If you take care to avoid high-impact activities, which could damage your knees or accelerate wear-and-tear on the joints, then there should be plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy many different types of exercise without being hindered by pain or stiffness.

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